Big Picture Theology

As a child, I loved to wander.

The bushland surrounding my home was an endless mystery, fueled by a potent mix of ancient stories and my own vivid imagination.

My 'adventures' were often nothing more than aimless wanderings that led me further from home and safety, and while I was seldom concerned, I'm sure I contributed to my parents aging process through those years.

I can only recall a few occasions when I grew anxious about how I would find my way home, but on each of those occasions, I knew well enough to climb to the top of the tallest tree and try and get a good overview of the land.

Getting the big picture helps. It helps if you are momentarily lost in the bush. It helps even today when you are driving in an unfamiliar city.

The big picture also helps when you are seeking to navigate yourself through the thick undergrowth of Biblical Theology.

Do you want to make sense of more of your daily reading in Scripture?

Then I suggest that listening through the following 30 minutes or so will not be a waste of your time.

This is an extremely useful interview between Tony Reinke of Desiring God and the incomparable Don Carson of The Gospel Coalition.

LinkAn Overview of the Whole Bible