What Makes A Preacher Great?: Concluding Thoughts

So, what makes a preacher great?

  1. His subject matter
  2. His preparation
  3. His delivery
  4. His life
  5. His humility

As stated in my introduction, these five subjects are by no means the only factors that could be taken into consideration. Yet these are the ones most impressed on my heart over the last few years. I trust they may be of some help in your considerations of the noble task of preaching the Word.

When all is said and done, God alone is truly great!

It is the work of God that raises a man up, and the work of God that humbles him to the ground.

Preacher: Let God be great in your preaching. Let the Gospel shine in your exhortation. Do this, and despite the numbers that know your name on earth, your preaching will be great!

To the praise of His glory!