Simple Plea

On an August night in 1999, I woke from a dream in the early hours of the morning with a single line running through my mind. My wife of only three months woke the following morning to find my scribbling over multiple bits of paper. The following poem was the result; the first creative piece I'd ever written and the beginning of my love for trying to express truth in new ways.


Through dark of night and light of day
His voice so clear is heard to say
"Who will come, who'll be the man
Against the tide a rock to stand?
Who will shout as men of old;
Preach with fire, melt hearts so cold?

Who will hold my sacred gift
And take it to the nations swift
Without thought of selfish gain
But simply share my precious name?
Who will it be to do my will
To take my love their lives to fill
To be a light on darkened shore
To touch the dirty, feed the poor?

Do not come if you seek fame
Expect instead a heart of pain
For this is what my heart feels
For this world that staggers and reels
In filthy drunkenness on selfish pride;
No thought for Jesus, for them He died.

So come now please, don't stay still
I need your help, if you will,
The harvest is plentiful, the workers few
People out there need someone like you.
For you are unique, prepared for the job
And if you don't come, your chance you rob
For there is talk of peace, yet many wars
And soon I'll come, the choice is yours."

Now there is silence as loud as thunder.
My heart is torn, is torn asunder.
I hear no reply to the challenge given,
I guess we as Christians are to busy livin'
To busy to hear what the Father has said
Maybe no interest in the living dead.
So I hang my head in shame and regret
For His message too, I will forget.

When I thought all chance had gone
I heard these words, a beautiful song.
Someone had heard, had made their choice
With tear filled eye and trembling voice
They uttered this simple, yet deepest plea,
"Here am I Lord, please send me"

Isaiah 6:8 ~ Then I heard the voice of the LORD, saying, "Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us" Then I said, "Here am I, send me!"

(c) Chris Thomas 2013